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A social enterprise from the people of the Galilee: a bi-lingual content website and tour gatherings around the area.

Selected articles translated to English

Dugrinet serves the 1.2 million men, women, and children of the Galilee, roughly half Jewish and half Arab. What makes us unique is that we are the only bilingual independant information source for the Galilee, and the only community-run project that combines online media and in-the-community initiatives. This way, we try, with a great degree of sensitivity, to open up issues for dialogue that are often overlooked by national media, and which are rarely discussed by Arabs and Jews together. We believe that we, as Jews and Arabs in the Galilee, have a mutual interest in overcoming obstacles to getting to know each other, finding out what we have in common, and becoming involved in making the whole region a safer, healthier, and happier place for us all.

Our Vision

We strive to create a strong regional community in Galilee, which encourages in-depth dialogue and activism on the basis of familiarity and critical thinking.

In addition, Dugrinet creates strategic partnerships and builds a network of organizations and activists. Dugrinet is a platform and meeting place for all the people the Galilee.

In its actions and content, Dugrinet constitutes an alternative to racist and violence discourse, and to the exclusion found in the media. An alternative such as this can promote a sustainable Galilee and a common horizon.

What Is There to See?

When you look from afar at the Galilee through binoculars, it looks green and inviting. When you look at the Galilee through glasses, you can see a wealth of details. But those at Dugrinet simply look at the Galilee using the naked eye, and the Galilee always invites further observation. We have to learn, understand, and absorb what initially seems invisible.

Everyone in the Galilee has eyes, but Dugrinet’s uniqueness is the combination of multiple perspectives:

  • A combination of the personal story and the larger context: hearing connected stories and asking more in-depth questions.
  • A combination of the broad picture and the details it contains: personal stories, photos, and meetings.

Dugrinet will always remain an independent platform, critical and respectful. Dugrinet posts original content and all the activities promote social engagement and dialogue.

How will we create change?

To act against the intentional and inherent separation between different populations in the Galilee, we will create an open platform, accessible to all: a bilingual website that provides diverse and respectful dialogue.

We will be a social amplifier for voices that are excluded from the national media and even local media, to give a platform to stories and opinions that almost unheard, yet which are so important to be heard.

From our experience as an independent communications body in the Galilee over the last eight years, given the appropriate stage, men and women desire to make their voices heard. This is a powerful civilian mechanism, signifying a spiritual force that we will continue to harness to influence the agenda and promote a common society in the Galilee.

To realize our vision we will establish a joint diverse organization in three aspects, of which none are dispensable. Our success is dependent on improving all three:

  1. Building a diverse team for the association and for the board.
  2. Enabling a variety of voices in each subject to be discussed (i.e., a variety of content).
  3. Reaching out to a range of audiences: visitors to the website and participants in the field.


  1. Influence the agenda: to reach the widest possible audience via the local and national media. Drive processes.
  2. Add new information and expand perspectives on the Galilee.
  3. Increase the number of those involved in social action (activism) in the Galilee.
  4. Create a meeting place and a platform for organizations and activist and for all citizens of the Galillee.
  5. Bilingualism: create visibility and presence for the Arabic language, and increase original writing in Arabic.

Action Points

Website content

Bilingual website, with articles and blog posts about social issues related to the Galilee. The male and female writers are Jewish and Arab volunteers representing various groups in society (e.g., women, handicapped, new immigrants).

Some writers have contributed regularly over several years. Even team members contribute to writing, and some of the materials come from partner organizations.

Events and Conferences

Throughout the year we conduct a series of  about 8 field trips with a social emphasis. These tours are open to the public and include visits to several points of interest; meeting, talking, and getting to know the area in conjunction with the topics under discussion.

There is an important connection between the website and the field, since, according to our concept, building a community is not possible only on the Internet, and it is also important to allow meetings, experiences, and familiarity with the issues through physical experiences (“feet on the ground”).

Dugrinet uses the format of quarterly subjects:

In each quarter, a central issue is chosen, which determines the main content on the website and the corresponding events and field trips. In addition we also take current events and the yearly calendar into account.

The quarterly topic includes:

  • Each week: a new article or interview, and a new blog post.
  • 2-3 events: field trips and/or conferences.

For every topic we intend to create partnerships with associations, organizations, and social activists in the region. Together with our partners we will deepen the content, and create the connection between the website and the field trips.

Collaborations are important at the strategic level, to get to the source of the knowledge, learn from the experience of the organizations, and to build long-term partnerships.

In accordance with the contemporary concept of the role of the media, our agenda is always transparent, as it is the source of our credibility.

We will keep on engaging with major and meaningful issues in the Galilee, and will strive to raise issues that are otherwise silenced.

It is important for us to maintain the infrastructure and the conditions that contribute to the discourse, to create content and discussions that will be accessible to a variety of residents of the Galilee, and thus present a new vision of Galilee, building a possible future for everyone.


Dugrinet is operated primarily by a group of 50 dedicated volunteers and 4 staff members:

Ms. Talie Eisner-Friedman, co-founder and co-editor for Hebrew content





Ms. Hedva Livnat, co-founder and publisher







Ms. Samia Nasser, co-editor for Arabic content







and Ms. Hagit Lavie, co-editor for Hebrew content.







Dugrinet is made possible through the generosity of foundations: The New Israel Fund, Everett Internship Program, private donors, and a small but growing amount of self-generated income.


Thank you!