Welcome to Dugrinet

Welcome to Dugrinet!

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Dugrinet is part of the Galilee Foundation for Value Education, a non-profit community organization. The Foundation’s central mission is to use informal education to build the Galilee as a model of civil society. Our work is rooted in a vision of Zionism that integrates rootedness in the Land of Israel and the unity of the Jewish people, together with the values of equality, freedom of conscience, and religious and ethnic pluralism.

Launched in 2008, Dugrinet (Dugri means straight talk in Arabic and Hebrew slang) is the Galilee Shared Citizenship project. The project is comprised of a web magazine, a Facebook page, field trips and public events. The magazine contains rich and varied articles, opinion and blogs on culture, education, environment, youth, religion, tourism and the NGO world.

Dugrinet serves the 1.2 million men, women, and children of the Galilee, roughly half Jewish and half Arab. What makes us unique is that we are the only bilingual news source for the Galilee, and the only community-run project that combines online media and in-the-community initiatives. This way, we try, with a great degree of sensitivity, to open up issues for dialogue that are often overlooked by national media, and which are rarely discussed by Arabs and Jews together. We believe that we, as Jews and Arabs in the Galilee, have a mutual interest in overcoming obstacles to getting to know each other, finding out what we have in common, and becoming involved in making the whole region a safer, healthier, and happier place for us all.

Dugrinet serves as a catalyst for Arab-Jewish coexistence and the development of civil society and social justice in the Galilee. We do this by 1) bringing together Arabs and Jews from throughout the region through shared interests and concerns, 2) creating an open, pluralistic, and bilingual space for community news, opinions, and conversation, 3) organizing community initiatives and events, and 4) providing a platform for activists and NGOs to broaden their reach and effect.  We operate a very popular event calendar that includes club meetings, activist initiatives, Dugrinet’s own field trips, community gatherings, and opportunities from civil society and social rights organizations working in the Galilee. Through all our work, we aim to be as open, pluralistic, and inclusive as possible, so that all sectors of society - religious and secular, men and women, liberal and conservative, Jewish and Arab – feel free to participate, listen, and be heard. Some of our recent and on-going projects and accomplishments include:

  1. Our radio program, "Why Didn't They Tell Me?" is broadcasted every Wednesday on Radio Oranim 106FM. In addition, it is fully available on our website. Each program focuses on one topic and hosts one guest.
  2. Hosting several innovative blogs written by, for example, a woman living in a shelter for battered women, a woman combating her mental illness, and a handicapped woman who is promoting accessibility and services for the disabled (e.g. gynecological examination chairs for disabled women).
  3. Reaching 10,000 “unique” visitors to our web magazine each month.
  4. Raising the issue of the "transparent workers", i.e. those who are employed in public institutions and state agencies through sub-contractors and do not get any social benefits, equal treatment or even minimum wages, in our news section. Students and teachers from the Tefen High School responded, held educational activities, took the issue from there and are gradually hiring these workers as regular employees with full rights, in addition to creating more awareness for this important issue.

Dugrinet is operated primarily by a group of 50 dedicated volunteers and 4 staff members: Nir Topper, executive director; Ms. Hedva Livnat, co-founder and publisher; Ms. Samah Basoul, co-editor for Arabic content; and Ms. Tali Eisner-Friedman, co-founder and co-editor for Hebrew content. Dugrinet is made possible through the generosity of foundations: The Mandel foundation, UJF Pittsburgh, State Legacy Fund, Zabar Family Foundation, Galilee Development Authority, Everett Internship Program, private donors, and a small but growing amount of self-generated income.


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